When my father's memory became of real concern, he designated me his health care surrogate. How does this affect my mother's spousal rights?


We are in the state of Florida. My mother is still capable to take decisions on my father's behalf. She also designated me her health care surrogate, as we thought we'd get them both done at once for future use.

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It's likely your dad completed this legal work because he didn't know what would happen with your mom's health as he declined and he wanted all paperwork in place. If your mom is capable of making decisions, it only seems right that she should be the first line in making health care decisions for your dad, unless you know of reasons that he wouldn't want this. You'd be there to help her.
Often we have to think about what one of our parents would want if they could still make decisions for themselves. In a caring family, we can usually come to an agreement. You should talk with your mom about this, too.
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The problem I'm encountering is that I live abroad and my father, who is in assisted living, needs to have documents signed in order to allow for treatment of wounds by their nurses. Because I have submitted my POA to them, they will not accept a signature from my mother, who lives around the corner. It is most impractical to have my signature before he receives treatment, as I'm so far away. Isn't my mother legally able/entitled to sign these documents as well?
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