I live in an apartment which I have been here for 20+ years and now, just being on disability, I am having a very hard time keeping up with the bills. Yes, unfortunately, I took out a pay day loan and used my car for a title loan! I just do not know what to do about this mess. I also have doctor bills that need attention. This coming week is going to be a disaster with trying to deal with all of these companies that I am obligated with!!

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Here is a list of places in SC that offer budget counselling.

It's so easy to judge people who get into financial trouble. I don't do it any more. Once I was unemployed and stopped opening my bills, I realized it can happen to anyone. God bless you.
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Yes, get a caseworker assigned, either through an agency or your county office for the aging.
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I am so sorry you are having these distressing problems. Since you are on disability you are eligible for Medicaid. Some states grant this automatically and others require a separate application. If you aren't on Medicaid yet, you should get that.

Right now you need immediate help. If you have a disability case worker or a Medicaid case worker, contact them. If you don't have a worker, call the number for United Way in your area and explain your immediate needs. They can direct you to a financial counselor and other resources.

You can get this worked out! Don't try to do it alone. There is help out there, and you deserve to use it.
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