Take care of both my parents who live in separate places. When I make make meals ahead of time, letting them know how to heat etc. & I find wasted food all the time, it's frustrating. Any suggestions?

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If they are having trouble remembering the food is there, how to heat it, when to heat it, when to eat, how to refrigerate leftovers, etc., then, I'd focus on having the meals delivered at the meal time and not expect much else. With my LO, I soon discovered that she could not remember when she should eat. Her hunger reflex didn't work well. And, she would forget to look into the fridge. And, even if the food was sitting on the counter, she would't know there was food underneath the cover. It had to be in a clear dish or plastic wrap. There's something about cognitive decline that makes that common.

I found that writing reminders doesn't help either. They forget to read or they read, but, soon forget it. Direct supervision is really the only solution.
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