Have you witnessed a person reversing the guardianship?

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I feel like a broken record, but I'll make it short. Mom has dementia, 7 doctors, 4 stating she needs 24 hr care, all saying she has dementia and to get her affairs in order. I finally obtained guardianship, and moved her to an AL. She does well when properly medicated and presents well. She no longer hallucinates as long as her meds are administered to her. Her new social worker was impressed and is now assisting Mom on obtaining a lawyer and pursuing to have all mental health and cognitive evaluations re-done. I am not against the re-evaluations, or the lawyer, I am just so tired of the fight. So tired of the people who don't see or haven't seen the bizarre behavior thinking they understand the situation. I feel so safe with mom in the AL since she was leaving her home frequently while under delusions or hallucinating.

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NightOwl, I am moving your question back to the first page. Hopefully someone who has been through this can answer your question.

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