Have you used counseling and has it helped?


Happy New Year!~~I am in the process of locating a therapist or counselor to handle the depression and stress that has overtaken my life in caring for my mom. All of the counselors in my area say family and marriage counseling. Will one of these be able to help me or is there somewhere else I should look? Have you used counseling and has it helped? I just want to feel happy again.

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I live in the UK,but my experience may be helpful
My wife is in an excellent care home, which is local, and I see her most days although my doctor recently told me I need at least two days a week for myself.
Regarding counselling, I have used it twice when things were just too much for me.
Both sessions were for one hour over several weeks.
Counselling does help, especially if you have no direct family near you to give support.
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I agree. Caring for seniors and those with dementia offers many challenges. I'm surprised at the healthcare workers that I have encountered that seem clueless about it. In order to be able to help you, I would think the counselor needs to understand where you are coming from. So, I would look for someone who treats seniors. I might call a few Assisted Living facilities and see who they might be using or ask your doctor for a referral.

I would also keep in mind that it takes a good fit with a counselor/therapist. You might have to meet with a few to find someone that you feel comfortable with. There's nothing wrong with trying a few in order to find the one that works best for you.
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I would suggest trying to find a therapist/counselor who is familiar with elder care. I remember when I was looking for a therapist none in my area even advertised that they help in such field.

The one I finally chose was ok, after 3 months of going once a week, I only got one pointer to use in regard to my parents.... [sigh].
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