I am mad as H*ll!!
I moved my Aunt from AL to MC in July.
Every report I have received was that it was the right move and that my Aunt is doing great!!
Monday, I had a phone appointment with my Aunt's Kaiser memory care Doctor. I told her what I had been told and what I hear from my Aunt.
She thought maybe we could start to decrease my Aunt's Seroquel, so she called and spoke with a med tech.
Apparently my Aunt is suffering extreme sundowners and getting aggressive with the staff.
This is a stark contrast to what I have been told!!
I am shocked and angry that no one has told me about this!!
Any thoughts??

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Yes, I have received misinformation from a LO's Memory Care, more than once.

Half of the time they don't know what they are doing. Not even the Administrator.

They think because they are the Administrator, they got it together. No, they do not.
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Speak to the administration. Apparently the staff is not reporting your Aunt's nighttime problems; this could be because they don't want her to have to move to another level of care, don't want her "in trouble", feel it is normal and something they can handle, any number of things. This is something to follow up kindly, gently and etc if you are overall happy with the care she is receiving. An adversarial relationship will do NO ONE any good whatsoever. Wishing you the best of luck. Follow up; and look on this as a teaching moment. I think CWillie's idea of the disconnect between "she's doing great" and she is "as suspected" is the answer, though you certainly would have wished to know something along the lines of "Good overall; she has the sundown syndrome, so nights are often her harder times" because of course Sundowning happens anywhere they are, nothing to do with where she is.
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I imagine the disconnect is the difference between "she's doing great" and "she's doing as we expect of one of our residents and we can handle it, so everything is great". At their core these are institutions that for the most part do not value the input of outsiders (like family members).
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Bridger46146 Oct 2020
I work in Assisted Living/Silled Nursing facility. I would say that in many cases there is little or no interest on the part of the family. We have a number of residents whose family’s do not respond to calls or emails, are notified by mail of care conferences and don’t attend and some rarely have family visitors. There’s two sides to all of the facility complaints.
Jodi, I'm so sorry you're going through this!

Call the facility tomorrow and ask that a care conference be scheduled asap. Request that the midedtech who spoke to the doctor be present along with the DON and SW. If you can conference the doctor in, that would be a plus.
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