How can I have my sister's power of attorney revoked?


My sister convinced my mother to get a second will and power of attorney so she could have control over her money.

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How do you know that your mom did a new poa document?

So your mother lived with you and you had POA. And now she lives with your sister and Sis has the POA. Ya know, that does make some sense. The person doing the caring having financial authority is not a bad thing.

How do you know about the changed will?
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my mother had given the poa over 11 years ago but after my sister took her from my home to her she made my mother get a new poa i have never received anything revoking my poa
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Your profile says your mother has dementia. She is still able to assign a POA unless she is incompetent to understand what it means. If she is competent she can easily revoke the POA if she wants to.

Also, if she is competent (and she may be, even if she has dementia) she is entitled to make out a new will.

It sounds like you feel that your sister exerted undue influence over her, that she "forced" her to do those documents. Is that right? Do you have some evidence that that is the case?

If you think that your mother is being coerced to do things not in her best interest, you can call Adult Protection Services and they will investigate. If mom tells them that she wanted to change her will and wanted to have your sister as POA there may not be much they can do, but that would be one place to start.

You could also go to a lawyer (perhaps one that specializes in Elder Law) and explain the situation, to see what steps can be taken to protect Mom.

Does Mom have a lot of money? Is Sister misusing it? Is she spending it on herself instead of on Mother? Do you know the content of the new will?

Who is your mom's caregiver? Does she live at home or in a care center?
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