Its a long story, 60 yrs worth- not worth giving anymore time to, but the short version is I gave up. It was a life not worth living- I was losing my health, gone broke and what little peace I had was gone. When I finally woke up and listened to good advise, I walked away and left this vile retched thing to her own devices.

You would think, with no contact she would stop using me as the target, but no...not her. This latest mess-I came home, found a card to call police department. When I did they asked me to come in and I said whats this about, they said just come down. 10 min later, my door bell rang.

She claimed fraud with bank and PD report. From what I can tell- this was triggered by her bank statement having a new format. She called the bank- God knows what she said-they froze the account. She, like always, assumed I changed her account to steal money and just leveled the accusation and then called PD to report it. She must have done her usual sorts of facts, as she comes across normal and believable- until you start unraveling the story. I cant get many answers, just by the questions Im asked, kinda let me in on whats going on. I asked my bank, because her bank wont talk to me- if she made any claim like that, they will freeze the account until the matter is resolved or she gives them the ok .

I answered all PD questions-clued them in on history-This is not the 1st time around with her, its the 100th.

I told them it has been months since I have even seen/talked her. Im not sure where it all stands but once again she is in my life.

Im trying to figure out how to make this stop. She is 91, she can turn it on and off and is a pro when it comes to getting away with it, especially when she does the sick ole lady act complete with shaking, stuttering, and dropping one arm- she will either twist her mouth, or all off a sudden have trouble breathing, or pee herself when she thinks someone starts to catch on. Her last ditch effort to get out of a jam is the sweet Oh, Im sorry, followed by tears. Thats when they give her a pass and assume age related....TRUST ME this woman pulled this crap in her 40's..!

How do I get this woman to stay out of my life? Do I have a no contact order via court- that will look great, going against that poor ole lady. My stalker is 91 yrs old! Do I ask the court for help? What does that cost? I asked if PD, once they finish, can or will they proceed against her for filing a faults report? The answer I got was " one step at a time"- which to me means, she gets away with it again.

Her PCP and staff all know her routines, can they help? All I want is her out of my life. Do I need a lawyer for this?

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I think a consultation with a lawyer would be worth it. Ask if you can get a restraining order. I dought u have ur name on anything of hers but I would remove them if you do. The police will be able to sort it out. Records will show that she accused u and there is no record od u accessing your acct. Keep saying I have no contact with this woman and because of her mental and abusive behaviour, I am not responsible for her. The state will have to step in.
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But how often really does this happen? Other than the PD coming to your door what else is she doing. Stay away from her. Get a camera for your door and don't answer to people you don't wish to. Change your phone number. Get a little consumer cellular flip phone and answer it and let the regular phone ring. She will eventually give up because at 91 she cannot have a whole lot of energy for it. Certainly, yes, you can tell her staff you do not wish to hear from her. I doubt, at the point where she is mentally that an OOP will help at all. She will just disobey it and how likely is it they will jail her? Unfortunately, the number of years you trained her have rained her very well.
Do tell me that you are not on her accounts? How then could you defraud her?
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She could never make that claim if your name was not on any of her accounts. If you have any joint accounts.....stop it right now. Remove any and all financial ties to her.

if your are POA or DPOA....resign now. Send certified letters to her and every institution you and she are jointly involved with.

change your address. No contact means just that. Remove any means she has to contact you,

this woman thinks it is OK to have your arrested!!! Do everything you can to remove every trace of you from her life.
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