I have an on call nurse service which I called. She said I should call 911. The nurse said do some vision tests like hand mom something to reach for & how many fingers test. First mom said couldn't see but did the same a while later and she could reach for the bottle & knew how many fingers. Nurse said I should advise doctor what happened in the morning.

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My thoughts are that it could have been a TIA.
When doctors see someone who is old and has dementia they often aren't willing to investigate beyond that - who knows, perhaps at this point in her life they are right.
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I agree, call 911 first in any emergency.

My godmother had ALZ and was blind but she had macular degeneration.

I have only heard of sudden blindness once. It was really odd. My aunt had a horrible pregnancy and delivery.

She went blind for four days in the hospital during delivery. I don’t know what caused her blindness. She had all kinds of medical issues and even died in her 40’s.

She had rheumatoid arthritis, kidney failure, went into a coma from doctor prescribing the wrong medication at the wrong dosage. Was just a tragedy all around.
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You wrote that "she cud (sic) reach for the bottle."   Is she an alchoholic?  I don't intend to be rude or critical, but if she couldn't see b/c of an alcohol related issue, EMS should have been called.    Different issues and treatment are involved for visual disturbances  and those arising from alcohol.

But it's over, and it's not my intent to criticize you, just emphasize the fact that EMS should be involved in situations like visual blackout.

Does she get regular eye exams, and has her doctor diagnosed any medical issues with her eyes?   I hope you're taking her to at least a PCP tomorrow.
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WillyB Nov 2019
The bottle was a Poland Spring water bottle. Doctor says you dont go blind in both eyes at the same time. Blindness was short time. He attributed to dementia & hallucinations & sundowning
To be honest, if it were me, I would have called 911 immediately. I would not be posting on an anonymous site where no one can really do anything including give you a diagnoses of what’s going on. It’s a good sign that she could see again, but since you don’t know why this happened, you really should have called 911.
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