(the principal) unable to also make financial decisions for themselves as well? A financial poa and their last will and testament was drawn up and dated one year later in 2010 by no attorney and notarized by a used car lot? I was taken to court for harassing a friend (a lie), the judge ruled the POA shown had to be honored (dated 2009), and I was not allowed to see my friend ever again. However, now that she has died, a "changed will" and "financial poa" has been obtained by me at the probate court dated one year later from the medical poa? Does this "changed will" and "financial poa" not drawn up by any attorney become fraudulent because of them enforcing the 2009 medical poa on me? What I always knew was the truth, and why the harassment charge on me, to keep me away from helping my friend. Believe both elderly attorney (late 70s) and POA were working together to steal my friends great deal of money and real estate. Thoughts?

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Massage, I noticed you have been asking questions about this situation since April 2016.   Have you done any of the advice that had been previously given by the writers here?
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