I do not believe in ghosts or the paranormal, but I believe that twice I heard my LO speak to me. The last time was only a phrase that was unique between us.

As you can see everyone has experienced hearing deceased LOs after they have passed. My daughter was dealing with something when she was a teen. My sister had passed who she was close to. She dreamt that my sister told her everything was going to be alright. What my daughter was dealing with, so was I. I dreamt of an Aunt who had passed giving me a hug and telling me things would be OK. I woke up and could still feel that hug.
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I just woke up this past Saturday to my husband calling my name from our living room, where he was bedridden the last 22 months of his life. It startled me, and my first thought was, my husband needs me, and then I remembered that he has been dead for almost a year now.
That's not the first time that has happened, and I hope it won't be the last.
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I have, several times after my mother, then sister and then father died.    I attribute it to the strong bonds that existed, and my subconscious resurrecting the relationships.  Sometimes these episodes occurred randomly, and other times I was either thinking about them, or unsettled by now being alone.

In an interesting variation, for some years after my sister died, I periodically could smell the perfume she used to use.   There was no open bottle or container, and it was in different places around the house.    I've often wondered if it was a function of brain memory on a physical level, as opposed to a memory level (if that makes sense!).
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Yes; I've heard my dad's voice a few times after he passed, and so has my daughter. If you understand that life is eternal, then you don't need to 'believe in ghosts or the paranormal' to realize they ARE with us after death, just in a different way.
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AnnReid Sep 10, 2021
My father and mother have provided “help” in several situations since their deaths, and I’ve received help from other dearly loved relatives as well.

In answer to your specific question, I can’t recall hearing a voice, but the action(s) have been crystal clear, specific to the complex situations co fro ting me, and directly related in some way to both my Loved Ones and the events.
Yes. This took place a number of years after my Dad had died. I was on the commuter train mulling a situation that had arisen where the welfare of a child was being ignored while adults were more interested in getting " a deal" on the condo where she had been living... I clearly and distinctly heard my Dad's voice telling me not to worry that everything was going to be OK. One or two clear-headed adults took control of the situation and it was resolved in the best way possible for the child.
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No, but I often heard my mom calling me after she moved to the nursing home.
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