I would like to freeze Dee's credit through the reporting agencies Experian, Transunion and equifax. I have researched and if we are doing this for ourSELVES it is now very easily done by automated phone. I can also find the address easily enough. My brother would like to do this as well, but automated phone method won't work for him the problem being his bills now come to my address, he has his own address and is currently in senior living. I do have the addresses for each company. Should I type up the letters and have him sign, then send snail mail? Should I wait for a visit to him and attempt to do on phone with him (he gets easily anxious and with anxious it goes to confused until anxiety lifts). Any suggestions? When I am with him in his own town there won't be computer access. And I can't do it that mode in any case as there is no option for doing it as POA.
Thanks for any information you can provide.
This is now a free service and a good one for preventing ID theft; only problem with it is that if you need to allow access to your credit reporting you have to unfreeze each time.
Thanks for info.

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Whenever I've had to help my mom access or authorize me for her investments (TDAmeriTrade just this month and mom is totally competent) it was a phone call, putting her on speaker with me and the agent, and making sure she had all the necessary info at hand (dob, ssn, address, etc) and I would have your PoA scanned and ready to go just in case (although I doubt this will be acceptable). You may have to get some sort of "proof" of physical residence for your brother, not sure if his facility can provide this? May it go smoothly for you!
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I did this for my parents.

first...the POA assignment document...must be notarized and witnessed. Then, I was required to send to each reporting agency a county clerks certified copy of the, I needed to get it filed with the county. Make sure you bring a notarized document from the Doctor stating incompetence.

then..include all that in a letter to each agency. They will each assign a pass code to unlock should it ever be needed....

it is a huge pain, but sometimes necessary
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AlvaDeer Sep 2019
Hi, Katiekate and thank. My brother is not yet incompetent by any manner of speaking. I serve as his POA at his request with all documents through the lawyer, but not filed with country. It looks like, from what you are saying that we have to get the letter together requesting the freeze and HE has to be the one to sign, being that he is still competent to do so. I do have all the information from them as to the addresses to use for snail mail freeze rather than phone call or computer; Again, thanks.
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