My mom was diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment with MRI and cognitive specialist leaning towards early stage Alzheimer's.

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If Mom is even in the early stages of ALZ, this maybe confusing for her unless she has used a tablet or phone before. I tried to teach my Mom how to use the simplest cell phone I had. Turn it on and dial, turn it off. She eventually had a hard time with her cordless phone and the TV remote.

I was looking at the presentation and I think its neat. Everything in one place. Looks like u pay for the service. As long as they allow for a trial, then it couldn't hurt. Don't the Echo type receivers have a video feature too?
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I am not familiar with the Oscar Senior app so I looked it up. Sounds interesting. I have seen advertisements for something similar to that, so that relatives who live apart from each other can easily call and see the people on the screen. I think that is great !! The screen looks simple to use.

As for someone using this device when they have memory issues, it might work for them for awhile, then they probably will start to forget how to use the item.
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