Has anyone used a geriatric care manager on an ongoing basis?


I am trying to get an idea of the cost of a geriatric care manager to oversee and coordinate the in home care of an elderly relative. She is pretty healthy but needs 24 hour caregivers. Anybody have experience with this and what the yearly or monthly cost ranges?

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beezer: Bumping this up so someone who has expertise in this area will see your question.
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You may find that it is difficult to find one and it may take a while to set up an appointment. For my MIL, this person was a consultant at much more than $100/ hour. Why are you not trying to look up one in your area to find out costs and provided services.
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This is for another relative. Sadly, my father passed away 3 years ago. This site was a lifesaver for me-I received so much support and information. ❤️
In this case, the woman is 90 years old and healthy with the early/moderate memory loss. We are preparing cost comparisons for her attorney and other children. The children are most concerned about money but the woman planned well and wants to stay in her home. I am helping her out of love but want to show the cost of a geriatric care manager if I was not helping. It will reassure her children that her money is being conserved and she really is getting excellent care in home from caregivers who we have trained and screened.
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Your profile says Dad has liver disease, a head injury,dementia & now a broken neck from a fall. With those conditions have you considered a nursing home? Sounds as if at least a temporary rehab stay would be the best care for him and you.

My mom had a GCM for awhile. The rate depends on how many hours they work on dad's care, hers was $100.00/hour. The contract can limit a specific number of hours. The GCM my mom had was due to a court action and vindictive sibs that did not believe mom's illness was as advanced as I was saying and mom needed a 24/7 caregiver, me.
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Geezer, bumping this up. GCM's generally charge by the hour, the range I've seen is $100-200 per hour.
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