Has anyone tried washable baby diapers for added incontinence protection?


I was cleaning the other day with an old washable diaper and I thought what a perfect solution for added protection, the thickness and size will allow for multiple layers and they are soft too!

Any experience or thoughts?

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Isthisrealyreal -

You mean you’re not suspose to put human feces in to the washing machine? Huh.

i wasn’t trying to rain on your parade- you asked for experiences and I gave mine.

In all seriousness, I estimate I’ve changed over 15,000 diapers over the last 25 years. From the cute little poops a baby makes to the Gawd-awful messes of a grown man. The grown man mess being the bulk of it.

But what do I know? After all- I’m stupid enough to own a front loader washing machine and too frickin’ lazy to make my own soap.
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Isthisrealyreal Sep 12, 2018
Why are you attacking me?

I didn't attack you, I responded to the issues you brought up.

Maybe I worded the front loader wrong, I personally can't afford one of those, nor can I afford 20.00 a gallon laundry soap, so I make my own for less than 1.00 a gallon. As for vinegar rinse, i make that also for less than 1.00 a gallon. It is great for killing bacteria.

Im sorry that you are having such a rotten day that my response rubbedcyou terribly wrong. I meant no offense.
Just beware that dealing with soiled cloth diapers - adult size with adult quantities both in number and in content - present a whole lot of other challenges that are none too pleasant to deal with.

One of the worst being that eventually the washing machine seems to hold on to odors - especially front loaders where there is always some standing water under the drum.

Be prepared with products designed to clean your washer - a lot - and with washing additives designed to both sanitize and elimanate odors.

Lysol now makes a laundry additive touted to eliminate 99% of germs. It’s a bit spendy but at least for me - it gives some peace of mind that my next load of laundry - perhaps consisting of my own clothes- isn’t being rinsed with “dirty” water.

I do use Depends for Rainman - and thanks to “Trip Training” accidents are rare these days (hope I didn’t just jinx things) - still, Ive found that having all the right tools make a huge difference in having to deal with the unpleasantries when sh_t happens.
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Isthisrealyreal Sep 11, 2018
I would assume that you would deal with them as a child, rinse in the toilet, I mean who puts a whole loaded diaper in the wash.

When money is an issue, you deal the best way you can.

I for one do not own a front loader, my machine, I assume because of the homemade soap and vinegar rinse never has any smells. I personally have heard far to many bad experiences to ever own a front loader.

I still think that washable for added protection is a good idea.
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If you are up to the challenge of doing laundry you might want to google "washable adult diapers" - there are a surprising numbers of products available.
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Wow I never thought of that. Cloth diapers are so difficult to find nowadays. Target had none when I was looking and Walmart had one lonely little package. When “Mr. Niagara Falls” (my hubby) was in rehab, they used hand towels rolled up. I was thinking disposables might wick the wetness away from the skin better than cloth but in my husband’s case, he’d have to be changed every 45 minutes to stay completely dry. Not possible when diapers are $1 a piece on a limited income.

I am going to give this a try. Thanks for the idea! Kudos to you!
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Isthisrealyreal Sep 11, 2018
Have you tried contacting a diaper service and asking if you can buy from them?

I heard you can buy the old ones, for cleaning and such. They might still work for other. Mine are like 20 years old and are still fluffy, I don't know how absorbent though.

Im going to check and get back.