I understand if you don't want to say and would rather contact privately. But, by saying so, publicly, you might help a lot.

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I did go through the Bereavement counseling at the Hospice I/we used.
I was not sure it was going to do much for me but I was wrong. It did help.
I am not typical though I was volunteering for the Hospice while my Husband was no Hospice. So I had a good sort of built in support group and I am also in 2 support groups that have helped and I am proud to say I have helped others in my groups by sharing what I have done and learned.
If you have any questions about the support offered sit in on a few and if they don't "click" with you I am sure they have other groups. Just like buying a pair of shoes you might have to try on more than 1 to find a perfect fit.
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The local Hospice agency in my town is a bit different than Hospice in the US. It provides support, counseling and various therapies to the dying and their family. Currently it does not provide medical care, as is provided in the USA.

Medical care for the dying is provided my our local Health Authority, either in home, hospital or a care facility.

Mum participated in the counseling, when my step dad died in November. It was very supportive and met her needs.
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One benefit for family members can be some contact after the patient has died. Caregivers at home are often used to many different agency staff trooping in and out of the house, while the caregiver finds it impossible to keep up their own friendships. Some of the relationships with agency people can be very deep. When the patient dies, the carer's world collapses. Contact for a short time with the hospice staff can help a lot.
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From my experience hospice was a huge blessing and the services they provided were not something you could get elsewhere, this is their job and we found them to be wonderful professionals that eased the loss of my sister.

I highly recommend taking advantage of the services they offer.

How are you holding up Sego?
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I did before my mom fired 5 years ago.

I wish I could say something good, she was so excited to be on hospice bc of the attention but I was lied to.

Every time I tried to address with mom barked knows what she's doing. I was told she refused antibiotics for UTI, well she didn't but also had no access without calling 911 first.

They have contracts for time periods, she got stuck with bills for breaking protocol and getting non urgent which is defined by broken bone or similar.

They were only local Hospice.

They actually took her oxygen tanks, belinged to them before she could set up replacements.

I hope you find better.

God bless

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