It’s $10 a month to cover batteries. I had it for my Mom after she went out of our house @ 3 Am to a neighbors yard, in the rain. It got really cold out that night. She only had her night gown on. About 6am the neighbor saw her when she opened her drapes. Didn’t recognize her & called Police. The EMT CALLED ME.
We also put slide locks at the top of our outside doors.

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I have never heard of this. Thanks so much for posting this for those who may need it. What a wonderful suggestion to check out. I did know a man in Assisted Living who had a bracelet; much like the ankle things for those incarcerated in their homes it would notify police he was wandering and where he was. He was not allowed to leave the grounds due to an alcoholism problem. Wasn't sure how any of this worked and now wonder if he was on this program. I am wondering how widespread it is?
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