I know this is sort of like swiss cheese...missing items of importance...but friend raised a question that is curious: relative of his was dx with dementia. He reports she was treated for "another problem" and suddenly seems much improved dementia wise. Cannot help but wonder if she could have received a course of antibiotics and could she have had an underlying UTI or similar for a long while and this cleared it and the dementia symptoms up?

Yes. UTIs can cause symptoms similar to dementia. And if the UTI is cleared up, the symptoms will improve. I think this is what you are asking.

However, there is also the situation where a person who is nearing death will rally shortly before they die.
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Its a rally. Not at all uncommon at end of life
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MargaretMcKen Jun 6, 2019
Absolutely, enjoy it with your LO and get some good memories of the end.

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