This takes my breath away. I had no idea. Has anyone else experienced this kind of scam?

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I thought of this post and the issue of guardian abuse as I was watching the evening news tonight. And I was shocked to learn that a local county is according to a reporter one of the worst in terms of guardian abuse.

If anyone wants to read the article, search for "Metro Detroit woman says probate guardianship case is tearing family apart", or PM me and I'll provide the link.

And a word to posters whose siblings aren't working toward their parents' best welfare, but are quarreling or squabbling: with this family, it began with siblings not allowing another sibling in the house where the parents live. The locked out sibling went to court to gain access to help care for her parents, but the judge instead appointed a public guardian.

From there, the situation went downhill.

These stories are unsettling, but it seems to be more frightening when it's in my state.

This is one time when I really applaud the local news reporters for their perseverance in sharing a valuable lesson as well as warning for other caregivers.
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I haven't seen or experienced the specific type of abuse written about in the article, but I did see, or was aware of, attorneys wracking up heavy bills, preventing a friend from seeing the elder who was being controlled, expenditure on house repairs (although it was completely unclear whether or not they were needed) and similar egregious actions.

This was through pleadings I read in court appointment guardianships, or conservatorships, or both. It was over a decade ago and I don't remember all the details except that I was shocked and angry to see such abuse.

Unfortunately, the elderly are vulnerable, there are a lot of predators who will exploit anyone, including elders, as I'm finding out in trying to find a private duty care firm.
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There was an interview on NPR this week with the New Yorker reporter along with other guardians. It seems to be more of a state by state issue, with some having solid systems with oversight and others beyond awful. Try to listen to the podcast.
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