My mother was just approved for Medicaid through NJ MLTSS program (which covers assisted living) - she was literally just approved and we don't have a case worker yet so maybe some of my questions will be answered, but today I started doing research on assisted living options in my area and I wondered if anyone has paid for assisted living with Medicaid and if so, how that works....thanks!

I live in SW Jersey. Congrats if Medicaid is paying from day one. In my area the two ALs near me require private pay for at least two years before Medicaid can be applied for.

The AL may not except Medicaid. If they do, they may only set aside a certain amount of rooms for Medicaid recipients.

I think Medicaid for AL works the same as LTC. Moms SS and any pension will be used for her care. $50 will go to a Personal needs Acct (PNA) for her personal needs. These are questions I would ask, does the AL become her SS payee and if so how do they set up a PNA acct? Or can your make the monthly payments out of Moms account? If u can make the payments, then u can hold out the $50. Here's a site about the PNA acct.
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See if this link helps:
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Wow, I will follow this one because I was not aware that there were any programs anywhere that covered ALFs with medicaid. Hope you get some answers.
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