Mom is being scammed online, she doesn't believe they're scams, no money has actually gone thru yet, she's tried and tried. Very frustrating. Any advice?

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Yes pretty sure we all have. As I responded to Midkid, I had Mom ttrained. And you know, those robo calls are actually illegal. It must be a person you can ask to take you off their list. As said the "Do not call" list is a joke. They allow charities, surveys, people u have done business with, and politicians. All those people you want to be put on the DNC list for. I had a call from a charity and asked to be removed. I was told that as a Charity they didn't have to remove me. I told her, she had her info wrong, if I request it, they had to remove me.

I really don't know how the government is going to be able to stop it. And our elderly are suffering financially from it. It will effect them being able to receive it Medicaid. Not to say that they are out thousands of dollars for their future care. My SIL has this problem with her Mom. Blocked all but family from calling Mom and then Mom uses someone elses phone. She knows these scam numbers by heart. Knows them by name. She was left $50k from DHs insurance. Was to be used to help offset cost of Independent living, but she spent it ALL on scams. SILvwas able to get some charges reversed on trips her Mom charged.

Our laws do not protect the elderly. As CG we have to do what we can if it means taking the phone away, SIL has her Moms cell set up so only family can call in and she can only call family. Not smart enough not to fall for the scams but smart enough to use someone elses phone.
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Midkid, I know its not funny at the time but I had to laugh at "she was screaming at the robo caller she didn't own a car". I had my Mom trained to tell them her daughter handles her money and hang up. Which she did very nicely. Only once did she get sucked in. Years ago the VA used to sell light bulbs. They would call and say "do you need more light bulbs". Well now a scammer does that. So the elderly think its the VA. Only the light bulbs cost $80. Mom called me after she ordered saying she think she boobed. TG it was only ziplock bags. Since she had no CC, they agreed to send a bill. Well the bags came, billwas $37 for 100. The bags you could by in a $ store in a box of 20. At a 100 bags, that would be $5.
They were charging 25 at least plus s/h. Mom said she tried to tell them she didn't have the money but kept trying to sell her something. I waited for the shipment, called them to return. Telling them they took advantage of an elderly person. They told me to keep the bags and Mom wouldn't be billed. I looked them up and found no website, just an address. I went on FB and asked that they spread the word, they were scammers.
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By "online" did you mean email ? If so, there are many ways to block those emails. Please repost and let us know if you meant email.
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HelpingMom1420 May 4, 2019
Yes, email. First she met 'Keanu Reeves' on Twitter, then it went to emails, now, she's been communicating with someone else (they're probably sharing her).
Keanu is done with, now someone else is trying to scam her. I do not know her passwords or the sites she's on. She lives on her computer. She won't believe these are scammers, even with family, APS, and law enforcement telling her that these are scams.
Yesterday she had a taxi from 2 hrs. away to pick her up to take her to the bank and wipe out the rest of her funds and she was going to get a cashier's check and send it to who knows who. Since I am on her account (for ease of shopping for her) the bank called me and we raced down there. They put all but $500. into my savings acct. and froze her checking acct. (I will be at the bank Monday morning for the next step.)
She does have some money stashed at home. Her taxi driver figured out that she was being scammed from the gals at the bank. He had stopped back by the bank while we were there and bless his heart he only charged her $200 for the taxi service, which was actually $500. I am calling APS again and the law. However they can't do much. Monday I am completing the documents for guardianship of her finances. Take mom to court. I hate to do this, the only other thing would be to rip her computer out of her apartment. Then she would have me arrested.
She called me last night wanting me to pick up some items for her, so apparently she hasn't looked online at her bank. I just played along with her request for the items she wanted, telling her that I would get them when I can.
Uh, you'll get a lot of buzz on this topic.

I am 'lucky' in that my mother is so paranoid about ANYTHING remotely 'sketchy' has her calling YB who is her financial POA. She lives in fear her identity will be stolen. I dropped by her house once day and she was SCREAMING into the phone having a tantrum at a robo-caller. Telling this computer that she didn't even OWN a car, and how could she have let her warranty expire on something she didn't own. She was nearly in tears. I took the phone away and hung up. Called THEM back and by law they MUST remove your number from the call list. It doesn't work--but she was so much calmer.

I did tell her that if she didn't recognize the number of the caller, to not answer. The DNC registry is a total joke.

we've talked over and over about how much she can afford to give to legit charities. I think she's pretty cheap, so it had worked.

You can put blocks on their phones. but you must keep updating them, like constantly. Many people have a 'block' that answers the phone first and tells the caller that you don't accept telemarketer hang up if you are. They work ok, but honestly? we've got these stupid robocalls for ever.

If you can. keep an eye on their financials, overall. Something odd pops up--you can deal with it.

Mother has YB shred all her financial papers and then burn them. Then he has to show her the ashes. Kinda crazy, but it keep her calm.
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i would do more than just take away the card, I’d close the account. She could have the card number, etc. written down. I’d also limit her internet access. And do change her email. But before you do, see if you can reply to the scammers and let them know the jig is up and if they persist, you will be calling the police.
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If she has access to a credit card then you need to take that away at least during times you are not near. Can you change her email address?
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