Someone asked this 5 years ago, and I just found it. It is timely for me, so I want to post it again. 20 years ago I did experience this, and it is time to write them before I forget. Thanks Gershun.

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Yes. I’m spiritual but not religious.

A clock stopped at time of passing.

My family lived across from the cemetery. We were all preparing for the burial. Electricity goes out. Nobody can ‘gussy up’. He wouldn’t have wanted it anyway. It was out for the entire morning. Tragic passing. Motorcycle accident. 38 yo.

TV turned itself on. A commercial I have not seen before or since was on. My loved ones favorite music was being peddled in the commercial. Happened within days of passing.

Also, not electrical but the strong scent of flowers came to me out of nowhere soon after he passed. It was the same scent I smelled as I viewed him at rest. Distinct. All what I would call ‘comfort signs’.

We are energy.
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This isn't related to electronics, but I do have a story that might be worth sharing. Full disclosure, I am not religious and neither was my dad. To this day I have no real opinion as to what happens after death, I just don't know.

That being said, when my dad was dying of cancer I spent a lot of time with him. We were close and I was devastated by his illness. One day we were talking and having a few beers and I got the nerve to ask him that when he died if there was any way he could let me know he was okay to do so, and he said kind of skeptically he would give me a sign.

Eventually he passed. It was gut wrenching and my grief was prolonged. I never got a "sign". I had a few dreams, but nothing I would have considered a true sign from him.

About two years after he passed I came to learn a medium guy by the name of George Anderson was going to be in my city. I was never into that kind of stuff but on a whim I decided to book an appointment. It was completely anonymous. I paid cash, used a fake name, took a cab to the hotel where our meeting was, and didn't wear my wedding ring. I didn't want this guy to be able to ID me in any way. I was determined to keep a straight face throughout (and I did) and not talk at all.

He was more "normal" than I expected and had me sit down and just relax. He had a pad and pen and did this scribble type drawing as he went into a semi trance. I don't know how else to describe it. He eventually said someone was "there", and talked about it being a male, and had passed and he said something about the stomach area (my dad had colon cancer). I don't remember the other general details, as I recall thinking "anyone could guess that".... and I wasn't really impressed... until he got this confused look on his face and said he didn't know why but he kept hearing a song from an old cartoon.

He named the cartoon and it was indeed old and one I had never seen, but the name of it was "Milton the monster", and my dad's name was Milton.

I always wondered how he could have guessed something like that, knowing absolutely nothing about me, and my dad's name wasn't at all common. He wasn't even trying to give me a name, just relaying that he kept hearing that song.

Maybe it was a sign.
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Metmij May 2019
He’s written a book. Probably many. I read it about 20 years ago. “We Do Not Die.” Interesting story. Milton is a very uncommon name.
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This isn't an earth shattering story but we recently moved to a new home. I was trying to arrange my sweaters on the top shelf of the cupboard but they kept falling down. I'd refold them, sling them up there and they'd keep falling down. I was getting exasperated and suddenly I heard my mom's voice clear as a bell in my head saying "roll them" So I rolled the sweaters and sure enough they all stayed up there. I said out loud "thx mom!" :)
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Nothing like that but I have had a few dreams. They never speak but I know the meaning. Spooks people out
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Yes, shortly after my father died, my mother and I kept hearing a chirping squeeky sort of sound. It would happen several times a day and once just before we decided to go upstairs to bed, it happened. Each time it happened our hunting dog would bark, run downstairs and sniff every nook and cranny. No animal. About five days later I decided to vacuum. The vacuum cleaner was upright and perched up against the wall. When I pulled it out, I heard the wheely balls underneath of it make the exact sound we'd been hearing. My father used to vacuum the house from top to bottom each day because our Labrador Retriever shed a lot and he was allergic. It was weird, like he was telling us we were behind in our vacuuming.
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The one big weird thing happen when my dad passed away was he had a watch that didn't work for 20 yrs why he kept it I do not know, but my mother found the watch and we all tried to get it to work but we couldn't. The day he passed away my mother and I heard a small sound by the watch and it was working and it was on the correct time--it worked that whole day, but hasn't worked sense.

GannieAnnie I do think Charlie was communicating with you. Love never dies!
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I've never experienced any electronic disturbances after a death. I've heard others say they've experienced odd things but so far none of that has happened to me.
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anonymous272157 May 2019
My son said he never noticed any after his Dad died, nor a vivid dream of him.  He thought I did because I needed to.
Before I forget, I am writing what unusual things happened when my DH of 31 years died.

The 1st thing we noticed was when my SIL drove the back route to the crematorium to retrieve his ashes. She had driven me originally to discuss details with them, and was excellent at remembering routes. She was sure she could go alone in my car, and got there just fine. She put the urn in the passenger’s seat with a seatbelt & started home. Suddenly her radio went on. It was a favorite station, so she left it on. Then it switched on its own to another station, opera. My husband had liked a variety of music, opera being one. She did not like it, so she reached to change it, but it changed on its own. It only went to stations he liked, & it distracted her driving enough for her to miss a turn. When she realized, she yelled, "Charlie, stop it! I am getting lost." The station changing stopped immediately, & she got back here ok.

Next thing I noticed was that the outside light went on in the daytime. It was motion sensitive only at night, and came on sometimes when someone visited, or an animal came through the yard, then went off after a few minutes. It had been broken, not coming on for over a month. Suddenly it came on and stayed on until the funeral was over. 

A friend of my husband’s that he worked with had his truck break down, and he asked to borrow Charlie’s. We all knew the clock wasn’t working in the truck. That night he awoke thinking that he’d heard the truck door slam. He went out to investigate and found nothing, but later discovered that the clock was fixed & working, & kept working.

After everyone went home from the funeral the phone rang. Before I could answer it, I heard what sounded like the answering machine at fast speed. The speech was garbled. I could not retrieve the message, nor did the phone record that there had been a call, or a message! I said ‘try again, at slower speed Charlie." It never happened again.

Just before my birthday I found a birthday card for me he had got sometime before he died. It said something about loving me & wishing me a happy birthday, even if he couldn’t use the phone.

In the Fall I was looking for something to help me with cleaning up the yard, & could not find everything I needed in the garage. I stopped looking & quietly asked, "Ok Charlie, where is ...." whatever it was I needed. Suddenly I pictured part of the attic. When I went to look, it was exactly where I pictured.

I had gotten used to speeding on our back country roads during Charlie’s last year & 1/2 of life, because his bone-marrow cancer and chemo left his immune system woefully low. He had 7 infections quickly go septic, and I’d learned to awaken when he felt feverish, and have him in the ER in the big city in less than an hour. Today it takes 1hr &1/4 to get there. I tried the small local hospital only once. They put him in an ambulance & drove to that hospital anyway. He got treated in time and recovered 6 times. The last one killed him, even though it started while he was in hospital.

Anyway, I was speeding, even though it was no longer necessary. It had become habit. One night I had a dream that I was speeding down our state road, around a corner on a hill, & suddenly was standing on the side of the road with Charlie hugging me, loving me unconditionally. When I told the dream to a friend, she asked if that corner had a place a car could have come out of. Yes, a hidden driveway. She said the dream was a message to take it slow, especially there, and that Charlie was saving my live with that dream warning. In the dream he was holding my spirit, because I was dead.
Not long after that dream, a car shot out in front of me in that spot, but I had space to brake because I was going slowly.

He died on May 15, 1999, exactly 20 yrs  3 days ago.

My 2nd DH also has a rare bone-marrow cancer, but it is dormant for now. His exhaustion reminds me of DH1 before his cancer was discovered.  What are the chances?
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