I want to start dating again. My Mom won't live forever and I don't want to end up old and alone. I'm 51 and I've been my Moms sole caregiver for 7 years, I'm lonely. I can leave Mom for a few hours and even over night.

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countrymouse, you wrote what I was thinking. I've found a few men who were interested in me, but they've been about as old as my mother and not in much better shape. If I find someone, I want them to be a companion, not a care receiver. I've had enough of that role for one lifetime.
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Do by all means start dating. And not just dating - reach out and meet up with people for any activities you enjoy, not just with relationships in mind. You need time out, and you need respite, and good for you for planning to find it.

But the you don't want to end up old and alone part? H'm. Just bear in mind you probably don't want to end up somebody else's caregiver, either. Just saying.
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is there any place that will help pay for an elderly mans care? he trust the lady who took care of his wife when she was alive,Now that she is gone,I cant seem to find anyone would help the caregiver financially
any suggestions????
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I met my bf,when I was caregiving for a client.He is the neighbor across the street.We have been together for almost 3 yrs.He is caregiving for this client,just temp until I can come back onboard
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