After stints in a hospital and SNF, my mom is back home under my care. The issues: she has suffered from 4 UTIs these last two months which sent her back and forth between hospitals and rehab, she's lost the ability (or perhaps desire) to walk, I believe dementia has accelerated (confused language, keeps her eyes closed, is very rigid, repeats the same movements), and to top it all off, the last rehab center never gave her her thyroid medication (!!!)

I decided to bring her home to monitor her care. I hired 24-hour home care and was able to secure PT and nursing visits via government agencies for the foreseeable future (not long). My goal is to get her stable (maybe walking again?) and into a SAFE, CLEAN, CARING ALF.

I live in New York. She lives in Florida. There's no one else down here who can take care of her, watch over her, visit, etc. My plan is to get her up to New York, closer to me... so, thought that maybe I could find a short-term, live-in nurse (for the next 3 months?), while I head back to NYC and start planning for her relocation.

Does anyone know how to find a trustworthy caregiver for the short term? I'd honestly rather go direct to a nurse or CNA to hire, because I know larger contract companies will switch the nurse every couple of days.

Is there a program of "traveling nurses" or caregivers where I can list a wanted ad? Just thinking out loud...


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Do you actually need a Nurse?
A caregiver might be all that is needed.
Hiring through an agency is the safest way to hire.
The "problem" with a caregiver from an agency is they can not physically give medications. They can place the medication in front of someone and remind them to take it. If mom can not do that then yes you would need a nurse to administer meds. (If they are all taken at the same time then you could have a shift done by a nurse the rest of the shifts done by a caregiver)
The reason I suggest this is a Nurse will cost more than a caregiver if you hire through an agency.
If you hire privately a caregiver can give medications if you instruct them to do so. You would need to do back ground checks, make sure insurance will cover the caregiver, also paying taxes (with holding taxes and filing paperwork)
If you want the caregiver or Nurse to travel with mom when going to your state then you would pay their expenses. (not sure if the nurse would have to be licensed in the various states where her skills would be needed)
If you go through an agency many have offices nationwide (they are either corp owned or franchised) It might be easier to interview that way as to what you expect and what the agency can offer.
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What do you consider ‘short term’?

Some facilities offer respite care for the caregiver.

If you try respite care, you may find that it will suit her needs well enough to place her in a facility for long term care.

Best wishes to you and your mom.
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primiana Apr 2021
Thank you! Yes, I was thinking 2-3 months so I can get everything ready for her in NY.

She does not have a dementia diagnosis, and she is still lucid enough at times to know that something is wrong and she needs help. But I won't be able to advocate for her in another state and will not move back and upend my own life.
An RN or LPN are going to cost you lots of money. Over $30 an hour at least. A CNA has no medical background. Their training is 8 to 10 weeks. They do the nurses dirty work.

I suggest placing Mom in a nursing facility using what money she has. She will have round the clock care.

How are you going to get her from Fla to NY? People with Dementia do not travel well. Plane, I would not even consider that with what you need to go thru. And toileting her would be a challenge. Someone did suggest an RV in another thread.
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