Has anyone here dealt with Integra Insurance or know anything about them? Do they pay to get someone elderly back on their feet to go home again? Can you get it even if you only have Medicare and don’t have full Medicaid?

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Just at a glance, it looks like its a supplimental to Medicare. With Medicaid you don't need it. There is no FULL medicaid once Medicare is involved. Medicare is your primary and Medicaid secondary usually picking up what Medicare doesn't pay. Unless u have Medicaid deductibles and copay. Personally, I don't think you can do better than what you have. All supplimentals base payments on what Medicare considers reasonable. If Medicare feels a patient has hit a plateau and stops paying so does the supplimental. I don't think buying another plan would solve your problem. Deductables that need to be met can be really high, like $5000. And the premium for an elderly person would be high.

You say the person is 90. I will assume that this person is in rehab and ur being told nothing more can be done. No insurance company will continue to pay out if its been found no amount of therapy will make an improvement. This person is 90. At this age something can happen over night. At 90 you don't bounce back as quickly or sometimes at all.

Like I said, I am assuming so need more info if I am incorrect.
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