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Hi benjalimm, is the purpose of the monitoring to make sure he doesn't wander from home? Or more health-related checking? There is so much great tech out there but it only works if the elder doesn't remove it, loose it or throw it out. Yes, that happens. If he has any short-term memory loss he may not remember why he has it on and then he may remove it. Also, when the FItBit was first released I got one but soon realized I was allergic to either the band material or whatever the electronics that was in it (I know you can't really be "allergic" to that but for lack of a better word) -- it gave me a very itchy and painful rash right under the band and I still can't wear one. The elderly have very thin and sensitive skin, so this must be checked on him. The older people get the less they easily or quickly they can learn new things, especially technology, because it changes all the time. If he has any dementia, I think it's still worth a try but just have realistic expectations and start with used, less expensive devices. The simpler the better. Also, you will be spending a lot of time being his "tech guy" ;-) Bless you for your love and concern for him!
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