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Yes, I have, some months ago, but I don't recall if they were specifically for respite care. Best recollection is that a private duty agency in which I was interested was getting grants, I believe jointly with another agency. I'd have to review several months of phone and caregiving notes to locate the call in which that was discussed though.

Did a quick search and found some information on grants: If the URL is truncated, Google "grants for private duty agencies" and click on the second hit.

There's some information on the Older Americans Act; I wasn't aware that funds might be available through that statute.

Also check out the 4th hit; it has some helpful information (Family and Nursing Care Foundation), although I believe it's a bit broader than respite care only.

One search option might be to contact your local county health department, local senior centers (including those in more upscale or sizeable areas) and ask about grants.

Its my understanding from someone who does respite care that she's paid by the local county government.

The senior center in my father's area is involved with wide ranging and sophisticated programs and has it's own social worker. the staff is educated, compassionate, and very good for recommending and/or providing resources.

The senior center in my area makes arrangements to go to casinos (well, it does a little bit more, but not much).

I'm sure that others here would be interested if you discover any helpful information, so please feel free to share any information you find.

I wish I'd thought to check out this option for my father.
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