We are moving out of state due to a job move and will be moving my mom who is in SN as well. We're aware of the insurance to do details, but how do we chose a facility when we can't even tour? When we first looked for a facility here, it was suggested we show up unannounced, which we did at a couple, but now we can't even make an appointment that I'm aware of. My father passed suddenly last month and we don't want to wait to move her, in that we do window visits each week and she is already declining due to the isolation from COVID.

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Would a smaller board and care even be an option. I am currently think that Covid will be back with us big time by November. There are simply fewer to worry about in a smaller place. My brother's ex got covid after having to go to hospital for gallbladder surgery. The rehabs available to him on discharge were full of covid in both patients and staff, and he was back in hospital, then back again to rehab. Now, after months, finally home to his ALF. It was pretty awful. I think anywhere where there are more than a few congregating will be tough. I am so sorry about your loss. You are facing down so much.
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I would join your new neighborhood's and ask for recommendations. You will get lots of first-hand experiences. I'm so sorry for the loss of your father...and now this. May you gain peace in your hearts during this time of upheaval and change.
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