My dad has been in assisted living but was moved to skilled nursing for a bit. This quarantine hasn't been good to him. When he is released, he will be moving to a memory care facility. I have given notice at the AL so we can get his stuff out of there but they will not let me go to his room to pack his things. They told me to bring boxes and they would do it. Plus he has a recliner that has to be moved. I'm not really happy with them doing the packing. Has anyone attempted to move someone during this time?

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Yes. Give the AL a specific moving time via email and they will pack and bring everything to front at the moving time when movers show up. 

Email the director the time. Good to ask for a photos of room before packed. Follow up with front desk and director for an acknowledgment also via email from director. But I called when email not answered at first. It took longer than usual for director to respond. Understand they must do more now. And little outside help allowed in.

I used a moving company. When the small moving truck showed up, is when they brought it to the front.  If moving yourself. Still give a specific time and type of truck or vehicle with a specific time. Then tell front desk when it is there. You can't move piecemeal, but all at once.

If not first of month follow-up on termination time and if you want a refund for left-over time.

I tried to be nice and ask the best time or day... In the end told.. Give us a time and we will work to it. Once I gave a specific time during their working day, all worked well.

Hope this helps.
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We are in the process of movin from Assisted Livin to Memory Care. I brought Mom home for about 6 weeks after a covid positive staff member put residents in isolation and she didnt fare well, hallucinating, crying. It's been stressful and her dementia had increased so after evaluation said could not come back to AL.
Since its internal move in same facility, their maintenance crew will pack and move what will fit in her room. It's a studio with a sitting area, vs a 1 bedroom with kitchenette. I've supplied boxes for the stuff that wont be moved and they will bring down furniture that wont fit and we have to either load it in a truck or hire someone.
Now this week they are starting new move ins. Those they have specifically stated must use PODS. Families load a the person's home, the PODs movers bring POD to facility I dont know who unload and unpacks at that point. They mention they contract with specific people. I guess once the resident gets in they can rearrange stuff if they dont like what they did.

What is going to be hard is not only being able to set up room , but we cant go past front door. Shes going to be taken to a new room, to a new area and not really understand. If she ask why they are going to say something is being fixed in old room

I dont know if she will just walk in with a staff member, I am dreading this, but I cant do it at home with her anymore. And really with a spike in covid cases in my area shes probably safer there anyway.
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amitebird Jun 2020
Gracie61, I felt your anxiety in your story. I have my mom in AL also, am continually questioning myself, my decisions. But in the end have to realize there is no easy answer. Your mom will be safer in her new room, and will soon adjust. I know it is hard to think about what she is going through, but remember, she has done harder things, She has raised you from a baby when she had to make the same difficult decisions. Have faith in her and your decisions. You are a good daughter.
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