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Let me know what you find out. My dad still has his wife's hospital bed from several years ago and I'm really not sure what to do with it.
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Was the hospital bed purchased by the patient or did Medicare supply it? If Medicare supplied it, you may want to call the place that it was ordered from and ask if it was bought outright by Medicare. If they tell you Medicare is renting the bed, it may have to be taken back to the place who supplied it. If the bed was used for sometime, enough rent may have been paid that the bed is now owned by the patient. Like rent to own.

Some NHs will except used beds. Try Red Cross. In my state, you are not allowed to sell used mattresses.
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If you want to sell it, try Facebook Marketplace. If you’d like to donate it, try calling your local VFW posts, churches or senior centers in your area.
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