My mom is the spouse of a deceased veteran, and upon inquiry I found that she qualified for over $1200 which would go to her assisted living. Catch is they want $750 to go thru their attorney. They wanted to know her assets (which the only thing she has is her house) which when sold will go in a trust that has been set up for years, so I have already told PA about that and they are still saying she will qualify. I just don't want to spend the $750 (which she can't afford) and have them tell me no.

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These people are 3rd party. They will try to sell you other things. Just go to your local VA office. What you are looking for is Aid and Attendance.
As long as you have all the info needed, they can start the process for you. You will need all your Dads military records. They have to show Dad served during a war. He didn't have to be in the fight, just had to serve. WWII, Korea, Vietnam. He had to be honorably discharged. Marriage certificate, they can't have been divorced. If he didn't serve during wartime, Mom can't get this particular help. The more info you can give him, the faster the application will go. If she is turned down and you want to appeal, then consider a lawyer.
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VickieByrd23 Jul 2019
Thanks for the info!
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