So, the common law husband that we had to rescue my MIL from, lied about money and accounts. We found out about it when we applied for her to get long term care. Here was all this money in joint accounts. Her monthly retirement amount is 2-3 times what his is. We tried to talk to him about it - but he flew into a rage. So we turned everything over to APS and have been waiting for the last two months. (APS said they won't give updates that we will be notified when it is all finished.) But we are not even sure what "all finished" means!

Just curious if anyone else has had any experience and can shed light on what we should be expecting!! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE. Blessings to all.

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Thanks for your responses....
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I think you would have better success with a really good attorney, as JoAnn said.
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Never had this problem but I think I would have seen a lawyer. The assets can be split if the accts are shared. The lawyer can demand exposure of all finances. If APS has done nothing in 2 months they probably won't.
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Isthisrealyreal Oct 5, 2022
She would have been notified that they closed the investigation if they weren't pursuing it.
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