My husband has LBD, I took him to respite care on Monday and he was walking on his own. I picked him up on Saturday and he could not move his legs. When the aide tried to place him in a wheel chair, he would remain in a deep squatting position and could not lift or move his legs, it was as if he were paralyzed or his feet were glued to the floor. Instead of bringing him home, I took him directly to the ER on base. They did a lot of blood work, urine culture and scans of his head, chest and pelvic area. Everything came back normal and no signs of infection. The base hospital discharged him and transported him to an acute rehab facility for PT & OT. Has anyone encountered anything like this? Is it the disease that is progressing? I just don't see how someone who was walking and dressing himself got into this condition. There are no infections and no dehydration, so what is happening? I would appreciate some quick responses to my dilemma.

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Dw had problems standing and walking back in mid Dec. Took her to ER and spent five days in hospital. Never did find out what was wrong. She could stand but was shaky and would not or could not walk. It was more like a fear than anything else.
BP went bananas while in hosp. Never have found out why she could not stand or walk.
First night in rehab she ws able to use the call button, get out of bed, walk to the bathroom. All by herself. The staff were amazed at what she had done. So was I the next morning.
He may have developed a fear of walking or experienced a sudden weakness in his muscles.
PT &OT may work, it helped DW to the point that she helped the RN push another patient in a wheel chair around the facility one day.
That made DW feel real good and the RN enjoyed it and was able to get her work done once the trip was finished. The other patient calmed down and went to bed.
I still believe it was more of a fear than a physical or medical thing. It is very possible that this is just the disease progressing.
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chill47 Feb 2019
Thank you so much for your reply. My husband is in rehab, but is still not able to walk, all tests come back negative, so everyone is confused as to what may be causing this. I'm beginning to believe the culprit is the disease progressing.
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