I have been using THC-free CBD oil for my dad’s anxiety and sleeplessness for 6 weeks. It’s not a drug and it’s not something that makes you high. It’s made from hemp. Basically I’m curious if anyone else has had any experience w/CBD and dementia. There’s not a lot of research out there, and I didn’t know what to expect or if it would work or if the results were normal. I’m not an expert, so I recommend google. All I know is I’m seeing crazy stuff that I can’t explain. Crazy GOOD stuff.

Sorry the rest of my post is long, but I figure I can’t ask anyone to share their thoughts about it without telling what happened since I tried it for my dad. So no need to read if you get bored easily. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Backstory: My dad’s dementia took a very bad turn over the course of a month, and he stopped recognizing us, became incontinent, rigid and unwilling to move and too confused to walk. His communication got worse, jumbled and jubber-jabberus. He couldn’t say what was wrong, couldn't do any self maintenance things at all, started saying “ow” all the time. He stopped sleeping or was wildly restless, talking all night. Then suddenly, he seemed alternatively listless for 2 days. We thought we were losing him. With his existing CHF and multiple health concerns, his doctor gave the order for hospice care. It was devastating.

I was desperate not to lose him - either because the lack of sleep would lead my mom to send him away, or to the idea that he was dying. I went to the health food store and got CBD oil and valerian tea. I started out with just a few drops to the current amount 6 weeks ago. I just do about 7 mg (like 10 drops of this Lazarus classic standard tincture) added to his nightly tea - but he has been able to get more rest and his communication has vastly improved. He is on hospice at home - trying the CBD coincided with the very quick movement to hospice care - and things started looking up. It was like 6 days when we were not sleeping, then losing him, then hospice was here with a hospital bed and a comfort kit.

He’s still on hospice care and is basically bedridden. Still incontinent, but can say when he has to go. We still get “word soup” and incorrect words at times, but we’re also getting complete sentences, self-reporting of comfort or potty needs, jokes, laughter, calmness, and best of all - recognition!!! He even calls me by his nicknames for me, says how much he loves me, thanks me for being a good caregiver - all of these things I felt like had left his brain. He’s back behind his eyes now. He’s always been the sweetest, kindest, most lovely person I know, but he was suddenly not there - and after CBD, he’s back! It’s weird and wonderful, and I’m just suddenly a true believer in whatever these tiny drops are doing. It even helps me with my own anxiety and when I rub it into aches and pains. It’s...amazing.

Does anyone else have any experience with CBD oil?

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I tried THC-free CBD for my difficult back pain, because everyone was talking about it. We had to get it from the USA over the net, $100 for a small bottle. It did absolutely nothing for me.

BIL who is a bit more into this sort of thing, grows his own, also for pain. He says that it needs the stuff that gets you high (THC?) in order to work for the pain. The police called, told him it was illegal, heard the story, and walked away without booking him. It’s controversial here. I am wondering whether the CBD that is working for some people is the real McCoy, not THC-free.
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Lijenkins3 Aug 2019
Margaret, I am so sorry to hear that it did not work for you! I am curious as to what brand you were taking and if you had anyone that worked with you while taking it. I’d love to talk more with you about it.
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Yes I tried it for 3 weeks. The reason I did so was my husband's attitude toward everything changed for the worse. I was purchasing the highest percentage of CBD oil available. It cost me $100/week. I kept him on it for 4 weeks. I think because I wanted the CBD oil to work that the smallest changes I saw made me think it was working. The first 3 days I thought I saw major changes. His anger had calmed down, he became more active, etc. Within the first week he reverted back but I kept giving him CBD oil. After 4 weeks and no visible changes I stopped it. For us it was a waste of money and hope.
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Lijenkins3 Aug 2019
Yatzeedog, I am curious as to what brand you were taking that coat you that much every week????? That’s outrageously ridiculous!!

I am am currently using a brand that is nothing short of a miracle in a bottle and is 100% pure from the plant itself. If you’re interested I can talk more with you about it.
So glad to hear of your dad’s improvement.
And Yes. My aunt (82, Parkinson’s, dementia) has been on it for about a year now.
My cousin tried it and after her mom was placed on hospice she decided to give it to her mom.
The results have been simply amazing. I’m not sure I would have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself. Aunt had the mask, no animation at all, non verbal, incontinent and walked with the Parkinson’s shuffle. She now is smiling, talking, walking with a normal gait. It’s simply amazing.
My cousin texted earlier this week that aunt said upon walking outside “It’s hot”. Cousin. “Yes it is. I’m getting the mail, I’ll be right back,”.
Aunt “I hope so”
Cousin later helping her mom pull her pants down to go to the bathroom.
Aunt “ You’re driving me crazy”.
My cousin says she feels like she has gotten her mom back. She worked with her neurologist and has her full support. Aunt is on only one Parkinson med. Off all others.

I take it for back pain. I was taking Advil almost daily. Now I can go months without the Advil. It also helps with anxiety. I’ve been on it almost a year.
I also give it to my husband’s aunt (92, dementia) and her little old dog. They both get a drop each morning. The dog had stopped barking to come back in. He’s always been a barker when he goes out. Had stopped barking. Now he’s barking away.

Aunt was a picker. Her ears were a mess with Blood and scabs. She stopped for a few weeks. Then started again for about a week and now has stopped again. She had been picking about three years that I can remember. Maybe longer. Nothing we tried would get her to stop. She seems more aware that she is doing it now. She’s also watching tv now, following along. She used to just have it on. She tells me current events she saw on tv. It’s a subtle thing but she seems to enjoy life more.
We all use the Green HoriZen
Brand. Cousin researched it. No THP. Just CBD. I think there are quiet a few good ones on the market. The ones I’ve seen offer a money back guarantee.
I think it’s $60 for a bottle. I’ve used not quiet two bottles in almost a year. So haven’t compared the cost to Advil but I feel like it’s a bargain for all the relief I’ve gotten. I actually get to enjoy the cooking I do when we entertain. Before I had to go to bed with a bad back.

The lady who brings my aunt communion each Saturday uses a diff brand that has some THP in it. Her husband had to take early retirement due to diabetic neuropathy. Since starting CBD, he is now out playing golf.
CBD may not prolong life but it does make life more enjoyable without nasty side effects.
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I got a free sample of CBD which was supposed to promote restful sleep, two night’s worth. The CBD also contained melatonin, B5, 5HTP and other “special blend” which kind of made me nervous. It was supposed to have a “pleasant mint taste” but tasted like pot to me. Yuk. The first night was ok. I slept. The second night I got my hour’s sleep and was awake for the rest of the night, as usual. No way would I spend an exorbitant amount of money on this stuff. I’m glad it works for some people, but sadly not for me.
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Shell38314 Jun 2019
I think it is where you buy the CBD oil from because not all CBD oil is the same. My mother's oil taste like orange blossoms.

Ahmijoy you are not alone CBD doesn't help me sleep either! But it sure knocks out my mother for 8 hrs! LOL!
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Yes! It has helped my mother with her anxiety and she has been having headaches and sleepless nights, which CBD oil has helped those as well. She is doing better sense I added the CBD oil. And she is on a very small amount (30 mg).

There should be more research on CBD oil not just for dementia but in general!
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This is a sweet story. I think CBD is a great remedy for numerous maladies.

My mom has RA and we recently added CBD oil to her daily supplementation. It has been very good for decreasing her pain level.
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