Update on how things are going since the guardianship and my health...

Since getting the guardianship on my grandmothers behalf I been able to take care of the bills and everything that wasn't done due to the wait with the lawyers. My grandmother has her days in the nursing home when I go to visit. She still snaps at the nurses just giving her insulin shots and testing for blood sugar before meals. One Saturday me trying to feed her didn't pan out even changed the meal but no such luck. I recently went for doctors appt Sat and found out I'm a type 2 diabetic l know I went through tons of stress and my eating habits were poor especially when it first started. After work some nights I went to her house to clean and when I had no time to get a proper meal, I went to eat junk just to have ate something. It's not fair to blame my grandmother for my poor health I did it to myself now I understood why the social worker there talked to me about taking some me time for myself. I did too much at the time. Since the prognosis I am starting to eat clean again before all this happened and hit the gym and take my required medications. I can reverse this, it will take a long commitment. Has anyone else been diagnosed with something due to caregiver stress??!!

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Since getting on the caregiver hamster's wheel, I have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, adult ADD, gastric ulcer, heart arrhythmia & I am currently recuperating from a PE blood clot. Before DH's diagnosis, I did weight training, ran races on weekends, ran a marathon, gardened, quilted, painted, had friends, read everything that caught my attention, did volunteer work, loved home improvement projects. Nowadays I just chase my tail in a circle & wonder how did this happen & when is it going to end!
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Yes. I'm December I had a TIA(mini stroke.)Tests came back negative for blood clots.I still believe that stress was the major factor ,along with having a severe cold( I was taking 800 mg. Ibroprofen every 6 hours for a severe sore throat.) Just so I could function as a caregiver.Now I take care of myself first.
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I haven't officially been diagnosed but an already problem with anxiety became worse plus I had to go on an antidepressant which I am now scared to stop taking.

I won't blame any of this on my mom cause we deal with things the way we do and can't really lay the blame on someone else, just unfortunate circumstances.
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Yes, I was diagnosed with breast cancer which was stress related. There were no markers within the immediate family going back generations. Thankfully it was caught quite early. Plus I get panic attacks while driving, oh fun :P

I still resented the fact that my parents could have easily hired caregivers to help them instead of calling on me all the time. I know, I should have set boundaries, but I didn't find this website until I was knee deep in the logistical care, by then it would have been difficult to start to say "no".... [sigh]
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Coneal7876 Jan 22, 2019
I didn't know about this site until my grandmother had her uti last summer. I was never in bad shape when my grandmother was in her house. some days were difficult
I think it's very common for the caregiver to develop health issues due to the stress of caregiving. It hasn't happened to me, but the primary caregiver for our family member is right now being evaluated for blood in the urine. (Not a UTI, unfortunately. So something else.) And he looks awful. He's aged ten years in the past two!

Good for you for taking care of yourself! I'm glad to hear you can reverse the diabetes.
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Coneal7876 Jan 22, 2019
it will take a massive lifestyle change I turned over my eating habits from junk food to eating clean these past few days eating fruits, veggies, drinking water going to the gym if I can drop a ton of weight that should reduce the high bp and lessen the diabetes. this doctor I go to wants me to do the staple surgery which is up to me. I always believe in doing in natural it will take a lot of dedication. this to me was a huge wake up call

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