My mother is residing in a room near the nursing station due to her high level of care needs. This means in her room you can hear all the call alarms along with all the extra resident traffic noise. Also she shares a room with another lady who they remove from the room most of the day but I noticed last visit they leave her TV on anyway. All of this effects her sleep and is causing her to be more agitated than usual. Does she have any rights to have the facility take measures to give her a more quiet place to live?

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You can and should ask for her to be moved to a quieter location. The noise level in those places is VERY annoying. I don't know how they expect people to rest when there is so much noise and activity going on ALL the time. It would drive me crazy.

When relatives have been in a nursing home or hospital room, I always hopped up and shut off the roomies TV when they left the room. Obnoxious when staff does it. Is your mom able to turn it off or can you ask the staff to help with this?

Could your mom use ear plugs, especially when she's trying to sleep? I agree with the suggestion for a white noise machine. When I needed one to block out my mom's snoring, I found using headphones were much more effective vs just having the noise machine near me.

Good luck.
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Yes, we did. Actually, a lot of the noise in my mom’s facility came from certain staff who would speak very loudly to each other as they walked down the hall. There were also patients who would yell and cry because of their dementia. And there was a volatile man who would play his Motown music so loud the walls vibrated. It never seemed to bother my mother, but she was so deep into her own dementia I don’t think she even heard it. As for the call signals, they really aren’t that loud. But, you have the right to ask for the television to be turned off when the roommate leaves.
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You can always request a quieter room.

I would also request that the tv be turned off when not in use. I would turn it off myself if I was there.

It there anything that you can introduce, like a white noise machine that can mask the abrupt noises that are jolting?
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