My mother is an Alzheimer’s patient and she lives with me and my husband. Her disease is to the point where she no longer recognizes us for who we really are: daughter and son-in-law. She makes inappropriate comments to my husband and gets jealous if I show him affection. It gets pretty awkward sometimes. Has anyone else experienced this? Any advice?

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My mom used to make the postman come to the door to deliver her mail. (They have rural boxes and he never needed to get out of the truck). He was a nice guy and acquiesced--oh my, she starting meeting him at the door with a hershey's kiss in her hands and she'd ask him for a kiss before she'd give him one. (On the cheek, luckily)

At that point, she'd crossed the line. Poor man. I walked him back out to truck after one day of this and told him her didn't need to be feeding into her fantasy and please to stop giving in to her.

He soon was xferred to a different route.

Mom will be this flirtatious, belle of the ball and it's horrifying. I'll call her on it , I am the only one who does. It's mortifying to have your 90 yo mother flirting with the poor 25 yo pharmacist who doesn't WANT to come out from behind the counter and hug and kiss her.

I, too, tell her to act her age. (Woman hasn't hugged ME in 40+ years).
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When my mother would make inappropriate comments, I’d look her square in the eye and say, “Mom, ladies don’t talk like that. Be a lady!” She wasn’t so far gone that she wasn’t a bit embarrassed and she’d quit for a while.
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This is not unusual. My Mom thought the Daycare bus driver was her boyfriend. Even wanted me to call him for her. Others will chime in.
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