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This is scary for everyone, on both sides, front line nurses medical help, and the patients and ALL the families on both sides.

at this point, I really do not trust vaccines.
My daughter had to get a flu shot, else she could not attend her classes.. MIND YOU, SHE IS AT HOME NOW, COVID.. ALL CLASSES ARE ONLINE.... !!! ??? why?

yesterday, she texted me, she was in line at the pharmacy to get her flu shot. I was near there, so I showed up;...
They reeled me in. She tattled on me that I have not gotten the flu shot.. What? Me?? I am not taking classes... I don't need this, I just came in to "hold" her hand... MY CLASSES WILL NOT LOCK ME OUT.. I AM NOT IN SCHOOL !!!"
So, be it... I will try my hardest. Danni asked who is going first. She agreed. what side? She said left arm... My turn next: What arm? I responded: HER RIGHT ARM !!! no seriously... her right arm.. she already got the shot in left...
Danni looked at me,, " REally Mom?... yes :( I hate shots... Well I got it faster than I could argue..... here I am still have 2 arms, and breathing.
flu shots have been around a long time.
For a company or facility to try to get a vaccine up and going within a year.. without mental or physical damage? There is not enough time enough to determine if A COVID VACCINE IS SAFE.. or at least 50 % effective.. Or, I just don't listen to news enough.. I don't, not much positive stuff in the news.
If yo can, bring LO's home, keep them as safe as you can, or find a place you can visit anytime... keep them close to you and take good care of all of you and your whole family nearby.. others will just need to learn to do the same..
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Some have brought loved ones home. It depends on whether they are able to provide the care that is needed for them.

In any case, it is truly sad. We all wish that Covid would go away or that it never happened in the first place.
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I believe more have brought them home because of Covid-19 itself. I am afraid that we are in for it in November and December. Europe is on the uptick in a big way. I think that we stand a chance of Covid-19 coming into our institutions and places where people are gathered together of necessity. Schools, hospitals, LTC, prisons, detention centers, and etc. may see a resurgence of the Pandemic. I don't see a whole lot that suggests to me that we have more PPE and other supplies in good numbers than we did in April; I could be wrong, and just am not hearing about it. I have seen in the last week on average one of two on Forum mentioning that their elder in LTC has Covid. If they do, then many others in their facilities have it as well. We continue not to do testing; it's my opinion that any personnel in LTC should be tested at the very LEAST weekly.
You are so correct that visiting restrictions have been dreadful for our elders. Many have spoken of the changes they have witnessed, and of their fears and worries.
We await a vaccine to even begin to be able to peek out of the woods, IMHO.
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