My mother has CNA Insurance Company. I have been taking care of my mom since she fell and broke her hip on March 13,2018. She was discharged from the nursing home on June 11,2018. I have cared for her 24 hrs a day. My mother is bedridden and can't walk. I had to quit my job to care for her. So she doesn't feel comfortable with somebody else taking care of her.

CNA says that her policy does not pay blood relative that live with her to care for her. That I need to hire some company to care for her. I had a lady stay with her 2 times when I went to work and she so uncomfortable the whole time I was gone.

My mom doctor says I am taking good care of her. I also have a RN from that one agency sent me that says that I am doing a great job.

I work catering and I can't fine a company that can give me somebody to work the hours that I work, because I have no set schedule.

Does anybody have any suggesting on how I can get paid to take care of my mom?

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