Baking chocolate chip cookies and making salad, my contributions to the feast we will have later at my ex's.

How are you all spending the day?

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Rocket, I like your adaptation. I’ve always wanted to serve my community in some way on Thanksgiving. One of these years, I will.

My Thanksgiving was nice. I did not think that was possible, based on the DEFCON-2 communication tangles and ever-changing plans leading up to the big day.

My guy & I did all the heavy lifting and all the hosting. Sigh. Not my favorite execution. At all.

But about an hour into our houseful of people talking over top of each other and not making sense (typical family gathering), my Stockholm syndrome kicked in. Whatever!

I am also enjoying the 4-day weekend. I could not care less about the shopping. I cherish the 4-day weekend “just because.”

I was in my 40s before I had a job that did not require me to work the day after Thanksgiving. I truly appreciate my current situation.
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Happy thanksgiving to all on here as well. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I used to host the big dinner for 24, Family, friends, friends of friends it was so much fun. But since Mom has been in the NH it just didn’t seem like much fun doing it without her. And the grandkids are all working today! So normally I would visit her then go to SIL for dessert. But this year myself, DH and SIL and BIL volunteered at a wonderful Veterans association serving and cleaning up. And we got our dinner there. I didn’t visit Mom today, and felt pretty weird/guilty about that, but yesterday she told me she was proud of me when I told her of our plans, and truthfully she won’t remember if I’m there or not. So hopefully I made some of the veterans I served today enjoy their day a little more, and did some good. It was wonderful and we all agreed we’d do it again. But I will host a Friendsgiving in a few weeks for just some close friends, so I will be able to get my hosting “fix”. Times sure change.
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Happy Thanksgiving Barb, and Everyone Else!

Hubby and I are having a quiet Thanksgiving here at home with one son, as the other 3 have plans with their spouses families. We usually have our Thanksgiving dinner with all of our kids, spouses and Grandies on the day after, on Friday, but this year is a little different as we put our house up for sale, it was SOLD on day six with a closing date of the 24th, so we thought we would be moving right now, unfortunately the buyers backed out which delayed our sale by a 8 days while they were figuring it out, and now it has been back on the market for about 8 days, Grrr!

In the discussions about Thanksgiving, we canceled our usual Thanksgiving dinner with our kids this year, which is fine by me, this whole house sale has been stressful enough! Now all our girls can do their Black Friday Christmas shopping, and not worry about getting back for another big meal, and everyone is happy! They've all called in to wish us a happy one, so all is Good!

Still quite a bit of activity with folks booking appointments to see our place, so we're optimistic that it will sell soon, I hope as this having to leave the house several times a week is a pain, also keeping it nice and clean in an hours notice is for the birds! Perhaps we will be out of here by Christmas, as that would sure be nice! Planning on staying with our daughter and SIL, until the perfect Condo comes available! I so wish we had been ready last summer, but it was such a huge decision with me dragging my feet, so such is life!

Love to All!
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Thank you you as well.

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