Just wanted to wish EVERYONE a Happy Mother's Day weekend to all the Mom's, Grandma, Mom in law, Caregivers....basically everyone that cares for a loved one. Enjoy your weekend, times/days can be tough but let the love you have for that person be stronger than any anger you have.

Everyone wants/needs to have love in their life to know someone cares about them so please just be good to each other since life it is just too short to carry any anger in your heart.

Peace, love, hugs to all of you. I LOVE this caregiving site, it has given me a level of support and comfort dealing with my ailing parent so THANK YOU to everyone for that.

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That's so true Helen. I hope all those who care for others can have cheer or rest on Mother's Day.
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Thank you for the Happy Mother's Day greeting!
Happy Mother's Day Helen!

Did not bring my glasses to the hall.mark store, so hubs was handing me some funny large print cards while he shopped for a card for his Mom.

We sometimes get her the largest card possible, with huge flowers, complete with ribbons, glitter etc. if the sentiment is sincere. Tacky, huh? She is so happy she shows it to all her neighbors proudly. This year, that would break the bank with the price of cards. He found the cutest tiny card, no larger than a placecard for a dinner party. A kitten with hello and inside was blank. Ok!
But we needed to buy a normal size card to mail that inside. Too small for the USPS. That done, he hands me a card with large scribbling type writing. I tried to read it. But all I saw were the words "take a moment of silence"......and I walked away quickly, putting the card back, likely in the wrong slot. Do not know what the card was about, but "take a moment of silence?"

Anyone want to take a moment of silence?

Disclaimer: This comment contains sarcasm.
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Hi Grandma1954....I am fine now. Had a REALLY hard time last year when all of this hit. My husband and I did go to a therapist last year and explained our entire situation and she was useless so we never went again. We are handling it all together. I am on this forum to help me understand the caregiving process, I talk to my friends that have gone thru this so really I have my own resource of therapy. YES caring for yourself is 'key' in all of this. I go on walks by myself, watch comedy shows/movies, out with friends when I can but I still would not trade it for the world to have my Mom being with us as she gets older. She has worked VERY hard all her life to give me a life that I want her to be happy and healthy in her ailing years and be with her family. NO WAY would I put her into a home...will never happen, I want her with us and live as a family. Thank you for your reply :)
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Happy Mothers Day to you.
I read your profile and I do hope you are getting help.
I do not live far from you and I know there is a lot in the area that could help you out. Adult Day Care is a great option. YOU need time for you. You can not be a GOOD caregiver if you are "working" 24/7/365.
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