Happy Holidays everyone! Did you sing or put music on for your loved one?

Hello and happy holidays everyone, I wanted to share something in hopes someone might try it who hasnt. My Mom is in late stages of dementia/alz. She cant walk but with help sometimes about 10' she can, she cannot speak well, is incontinent, really doesnt know me, and had 2 strokes last year.
What a surprise it was to us when we started with the Christmas music. Her hands and feet start tapping, she is all smiles and she starts singing/humming the tune when we stop. Amazing what is in her little brain still. I remember seeing that special on TV and it explained how alz patients listen to music using a different part of the brain. We can start with "dashing thru the snow" and wait and she will hum the rest of the song! Alot of times I sing my regular word/short sentences s to her now and she brightens up and understands a lot more. I Just wanted to share, Happy Holidays to all of you and remember, wat least can shop online as we are mostly housebound being caregivers! LOL

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I found music was one of the few things my dad could enjoy (his dementia was caused by a failed brain surgery). However, I've seen music soothe, rejuvenate or simply comfort people with all kinds of dementia. I've seen singer Glen Campbell at on TV lately, and you can see the cognitive decline, but when people start singing his music (in tribute), you can tell from the expression on his face and the movements of his mouth and eyes that the music will remain a long time after most other things are gone. Blessings to you, my friend. You are right on target.
luv- Mom loved music - and not just 'her' music from the 40's. She loved 'my' music from the 70's most of all!

I have video of her clapping along (and keeping time) with Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress (Hollies) and some of her dancing to "Dude Looks Like a Lady" (Aerosmith -remember Robin Williams cleaning house to this in Mrs Doubtfire)? She loved my CD's of 'pool' music - all of it happy upbeat sunshiney stuff.

Alterately, she stopped liking her 'best loved hymms' mucis as she neared end of life. It depressed her so much she covered her head!
Hi Mariesmom, I am so happy to read your Moms story on singing, awesome! I am sorry you lost her, sounds like she was happy until the very end. Thats such great memories! My Mom is in late stages, doing our best here. Take Care!

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