How do I handle serious concerns at a nursing home?


Mom is complex but staff is making missteps that are unacceptable. Found out nursing home missed several doses of a critical med after moms hospital release and gave her the full dose without notifying her doctor when it arrived late. Mom was recently released from a hospital in excellent health, I'm concerned about slippage in her care showing up within 24 hours of her release at nursing home. What's the best way to address this to get results?

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My mom had a serious error made also right on admission - conflicting orders from referring hospital - and if they had not fixed it immediately she would have been moved. But, they realized the mistake and made the calls I insisted on rather than waiting for the AM and that was the last really serious problem we ever had there.
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Have a discussion with the director of nursing ASAP and ask how this situation can be remedied and what protocols can be put into place to ensure it doesn't happen again. Ask also that it be investigated to determine why it happened.

Don't bother with talking to the nurses; they most likely were just following instructions or orders - someone at the top who can implement changes needs to be involved.

Document all of the events, and continue to do so but you don't need to let the staff or admins know you're documenting until and unless it serves your purpose and you need to get really tough.
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