Hallucinations in elderly. Any suggestions?


My father was hospitalized recently and a few days before he came home he started hallucinating. even brought the friend home with him. The friend is gone now but my dad still remembers and wonders why it happened?



I had hallucinations while in the hospital. That was years ago, and I still remember it. I chalked it up to ICU psychosis.

I don't think anyone has a satisfactory answer to WHY it happens, but it is fairly common and it isn't the start of something permanent.
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dcurnan, sounds like your Dad had what is called "delirium", which is very common in elders when they are in the hospital. This also happens to 20% of younger people after they had surgery.

It is stress related being in a place they are not familiar with, hearing noises that are uncommon, food that taste different, being hooked up to whatever thus making one feel like they are trapped, and being awaken at like 5 in the morning for a blood test.
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