Is anyone else experiencing their loved one having very vivid hallucinations at night and being able to recall every detail of them??? She is also calling the police during these incidents....

She feels that people are getting in her house and living under her bed- drawing on the walls, tormenting her, etc!!!

I have attempted to speak with her physician/ CRNP - inquiring if a nighttime medication has changed— my mother became irate that I did this and removed me from her HIPAA release.

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Is she taking Ambien?   My sister (nurse) told me it's known for causing hallucinations.    She had some pretty intense ones (this was also during her last battle with cancer and she took it for sleep assistance.)

An aunt with Lewy Body Dementia also had hallucinations, but I don't know enough about her medication regimen to know if Ambien was a part of it, or if the LBD was the factor.
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Hi Srhebert,
My father has been in a nursing home since June. I thought he was over his nighttime fearful episodes. He would wake up, call me and beg me to come over because of how scared he was. Sometimes he won't tell me why because during these episodes he thinks the phone and room are tapped. I don't go but rather talk to the nurses because there is nothing I can really do while there. And it usually passes by morning. One occasion in the NH he did call 911. He has had these incidents before while in hospitals and has called 911 during these episodes. At home (his and ours) he never had any problems.

Recently he has stated how much he likes the NH and how friendly the staff are. So, after several months of no episodes he started having them again this week.

Each time an episode happens he calls me the next morning to apologize and that he remembers what he said and what he was afraid of but he realizes that it wasn't real. He is very embarrassed each time. I always encourage him to tell the nurses about what he thinks he saw or heard. (there have been a couple of daytime incidents of fear as well) After reminding him that the staff is friendly and are there to help he has taken to pressing the call button for help during an episode. But I still get a call.

Yesterday I asked one of the nurses if I could speak to someone about having an evaluation done. Because I have noticed other mental issues that are different since last year.

I hope your mother can get help for her nighttime fear episodes. So that you can both sleep well.
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