My nan has Alzheimer's. She has gone to her local hairdressers for years for a perm. However in last year she has become more hard to Handel. I can only take her on Mondays as it's my only day of work. My hairdressers no's my voice and of course my nan's name when ever I try to book they say they are fully booked out on Mondays for over 3 months! Shocking right? So I said ok book me in. 3 months came along and a week to her appointment they rang me and said the only women that can do it has rang in sick, I replied well when can you next get me in there answer was again another 3 months wait. How can that be? The only reason i can think is that they just don't want to deal with a women who has Alzheimer's. It's so hurtful and my nan is now desperate for a cut and a prem she look like a scarecrow! Can anyone help or advise me to someone that can help? I live in leiceste

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I agree with CWillie. It would be more professional to just admit they're not comfortable caring for your relative.

I did learn at one SNF, a very very nice one with a hairdressing salon, that they don't allow other hairdressers than the one who works there to treat residents.

However, that particular hairdresser also had her own business elsewhere.

As CWillie suggests, call facilities and try to find ones with hairdressers, but ask where their place of business is, then you won't have to go to a nursing home or other facility. Your relative is apparently used to a salon, but going to a nursing home or any similarly configured facility might be confusing or upsetting to her given her Alzheimers.

I also agree that a perm might just be too long for her to sit and wait.
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A perm can be a long ordeal for anyone, let alone someone with Alzheimer's. Perhaps its time to limit it to an occasional trim and set rather than a perm?
It's too bad the salon couldn't be up front with you, but some people are afraid to give a direct NO so they invent excuses... kind of like telling a guy you are too busy for that second date rather than just telling him you aren't interested.
I would call the local assisted living or nursing homes, perhaps they allow outsiders to use their salons, or perhaps they could give you contact info for their hairdressers.
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