Came home same evening. They did nothing for her in hospital. The CTscan was normal. I read these tremors can be brought on by Lewy Body Dementia. Anyone experience this condition & are there any medications to be taken. The ER doctor said see a neurologist. Moms age 94 not taking her to neurologist in her condition. Any suggestions?

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My Mama is 85 with Alzheimer's about 11 years neurologist said. She can walk with no walker. For the last 3 years on occasion she is walking and her legs start bucking. Like She is a bucking bronco. Back and fourth and She can't stop. She grabs a counter and hangs on. It is hard and violent but she is talking while it is happening. Had a C.A.T. scan that showed nothing also. Finally have her in Memory Care and now they have seen it for themselves. No answers for this from anyone. Frustrating because is pretty much an automatic fall hazard! P.S. Of course this is never seen while you are at the hospital. Sigh.....
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Well my mother has the same thing and her scan was normal too, but I cornered the hospitalists and went over symptoms - and she had one episode in the hospital. Decided that it was epilepsy, which is not that uncommon in older people. She is taking gabapentin and so far, so good. No falls lately due to the shaking. If she had not had me to advocate in hospital, it would have been even worse than it was. They want to put everything on the dementia - even when there is a biological reason for it.
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lealonnie1 Aug 10, 2019
Wow, that is good info. You are so right about the need for advocacy in the hospital (and especially rehab).......its vital for a loved one to keep asking questions and demand proper care for our parents. Glad your mom is responding to Gabapentin and an answer was found.
Why didn't they have a neurologist come examine her in the ER? I swear these facilities just DO NOT GET what it takes for us to schlep a very old woman out to a new doctor and go through all that rigamarole just to wind up with no likely definitive answer. When my mother was recently hospitalized, the neurologist cornered me in the lobby asking when I was going to schedule a follow up appointment. I said I wasn't. She was flabbergasted. My mother has bad neuropathy in her legs for which there is no cure. A follow up for a 92 year old wheelchair bound woman is a waste of time and money.

Elderly people can get tremors without having a terrible disease, so try not to jump to the worst conclusions like LBD. If she had a normal CT scan, chances are it's not a life or death situation she's facing. My mother gets tremors (pretty severe) from time to time herself and does have dementia, but Parkinson's has been ruled out and it's chalked off to age related decline.

All the best of luck to you
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