I had cataract surgery a month and a half ago and my surgical eye is near-sighted and the good eye is far-sighted. Surgical eye was oozing, swollen, fluid in the eye - black and blue, itchy and redness so I couldn't see. I was on all kinds of steroids and prendisone for the eye. I went for a lense in the left eye and I still can't see. the lens is still blurry and they said that it was as good as it gets. They said I should get the other eye done to rectify the surgical eye. I am so afraid because I have Fuch's dystrophy and a stigmatism in both eyes. I'm afraid that the same thing will happen if I get the other eye done. I could get lasik surgery which will cost $2,900 or get a contact in the surgical eye. I really think this new doctor didn't know what he was doing. His name wasn't on the office door yet. I don''t want to walk around the res of my life not seeing very well. I wen to another doctor 3 years in a row and he wouldn't tell me why I couldn't have cataract surgery so I went to another doctor and this is what I'm facing now. I can't see right out of the two eyes because they are not in sync. I am open to any suggestions you may have.

Thank you! Joanne V.

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Sorry you are going through that, I can imagine how uncomfortable that would be. Both eyes won't be in sync until the other eye has been done. If you feel uncomfortable with your current eye doctor, switch to another doctor to do the cataract surgery. Check with other people that you know who can recommend someone.
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