From there rehab, but not strong enough. What do you think they will do besides also lost speech.

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More information really would be helpful.

Was this the first or subsequent stroke? How serious was it and what elements besides speech and/or swallowing are affected? Can the person walk and talk otherwise?

Is the medical team referring to intubation and a PEG tube? You wrote "may need" - what are the factors to be considered?

You also wrote "not strong enough" - could you provide more detail? What is the medical team's prognosis for recovery?

There are a lot of issues, depending on the severity of the stroke, health prior to stroke, medical team's prognosis, age and strength of the patient before and now.
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There are risks with feeding tubes, and depending on the patient, it may be a waste of time if the rest of the body is shutting down. If the liver and kidneys are compromised, the digestion system is not going to function properly.
Did the patient have any advanced directives or a living will? Was there ever a conversation about "don't hook me up to machines?"
You need a long heart to heart with the MD and think about a Hospice evaluation. If it was me, and I could not walk, talk or eat, I would suffer a great deal and I would appreciate it if you would roll up the IV's and call in the priest.
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