Had a bad fall last week. Can that be the reason for me having some blood if I wipe? /Had a full abdominal Hysterectomy 6 months ago.

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Seeing blood where not expected requires a checkup. Do you know that abnormal bleeding can show up as anemia? Low blood levels can lead to fainting. Falls can also lead to bleeding. Why did you fall?
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Are you sure you know where the blood is coming from? I don't want to be too graphic about how, but unless you are certain you could do worse than get a mirror and have a good look.

In any case you'd better visit your GP/PCP, urgent treatment centre or ER, according to how much blood and how anxious you're feeling.

If you had treatment after the fall, you could also return to the people who treated you for follow up.

If not, and you're not really confident that the fall could have anything to do with vaginal spotting (and it's hard to see how it could, really) then you should call your gynaecologist and report this symptom.

Don't panic, but you are right to think that if this is vaginal you must get it checked out. Any vaginal bleeding post-hysterectomy definitely shouldn't be there, whatever its cause.
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